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Usukhbayar is an Associate with Melville Erdenedalai LLP.  Prior to joining the firm, she worked as a legal consultant to the Ulaanbaatar office of an international audit company, and recently obtained legal experience with the Frankfurt office of a major international law firm.


Energy, Natural Resources

Corporate & Commercial Infrastructure


Humboldt University of Berlin

National University of Mongolia




  • Advising the Government of Mongolia on issuing several separate international bonds totaling over USD 2 billion;

  • Advising the Mongolian Mortgage Corporation on issuing international bonds worth over USD 225 million;

  • Advising a US international development organization and the GoM in preparing tender documentation for a copper smelter project, with a construction and development budget over USD 2 billion;

  • Advising the French Development Agency on structuring its investment in Mongolia;

  • Advising Irish Aviation Company on leasing aircraft to Mongolian private airline company;

  • Advising GS on their shareholding in a systemic bank in Mongolia;

  • Advising IIB on issuing facility loans to Mongolian companies, including systemic banks and major enterprises;

  • Advising Taiwanese EXIM Bank on funding renewable energy and battery energy storage systems, as well as advising numerous companies on renewable projects;

  • Advising various international and commercial banks and multilateral financial institutions on potential ISDA and GMRA repurchase transactions with systemic banks;

  • Advising a number of domestic and foreign investors on various Mongolian legal and regulatory matters, including M&A, corporate restructuring, employment, taxation, construction, licensing, energy, and securities;

  • Advising regulatory advice to foreign embassies on local matters;

  • Advising major foreign-invested companies with strategic mining deposits on various corporate, licensing, regulatory, and administrative matters;

  • Advising international and local companies on earn-in, farm-in, and acquisition agreements, as well as due diligence and tax matters for foreign investors in the acquisition and disposal of Mongolian mining and oil companies;

  • Advising a Japanese listed company on restructuring its heavy machinery business in Mongolia.

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